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News: August 2015

The scourge of ebola in West Africa could become a thing of the past, claims astounding new clinical trials in Guinea. Responding to the outbreak last year, a coalition of scientists, doctors, drug companies and donors worked together to develop and test a new vaccination. Trials took place in villages in Guinea … 28th Aug 2015 | | Read more
A scheme being trialled nationwide has been successfully dealing with mental health problems on the street. Nurses are teaming up with local police forces to create ‘street triages’ which involves pairing police with a mental health nurse on the road to provide a rapid response to disturbances where mental health is … 28th Aug 2015 | | Read more
Street triage nurse
A new study into Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease brought together sufferers of the breathing condition for an afternoon of singing. The study was conducted by Angela Prouse and James Wyatt, two Occupational Therapy students at the University of Northampton’s School of Health. What originally began as a coursework project has grown … 28th Aug 2015 | | Read more
Scientists may have discovered the secret to curing the flu – forever. As we know, the flu mutates regularly, so every year flu reappears and the elderly and vulnerable require injections. This precaution is the best option available at the minute, but that may be about the change. Existing drugs have targeted … 28th Aug 2015 | | Read more
You’ve passed your exams. Your placement class has showered you with gifts and the bell has rung for the last time. The entire school has emptied for summer and of course, you have graduated. So what’s next? It’s time to become a teacher full time. Athona offers some tips for … 28th Aug 2015 | | Read more

Immigration cap axed for doctors and nurses
15th Jun 2018

This week it was announced as of Friday 15th June, the immigration cap on doctors and … more »

World Blood Donor Day
14th Jun 2018

As part of World Blood Donor day we asked one of our employee’s how they found … more »

Refer & earn – prize draw
13th Jun 2018

The NHS turns 70 on 5th July 2018 and in celebration of the hard work and … more »

Meet our latest graduate apprentice
3rd May 2018

After joining in March 2017 our latest apprenticeship graduate, Crystal, has spent the past year with … more »

Chiara’s adventure relocating to the UK
13th Apr 2018

Are you interested in relocating to the UK, but are worried about the daunting prospect? Our … more »

How Valeria launched her radiography career in the UK
6th Apr 2018

Are you interested in relocating to the UK, but find it a daunting prospect? Our permanent … more »

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