With so much negativity surrounding the NHS in recent months, it was uplifting to see a news story which highlights the work of just one of many hospitals in the UK.

On the 16th January the 100th episode of 24 Hours in A&E was broadcasted. To celebrate the accolade, consultant in Emergency Medicine, Dr Will Glazebrook, wrote about his experiences of working in the St George’s hospital emergency department.

After being named the longest running documentary series in the UK, it’s no wonder many people love the ‘positive and honest spotlight it shines on the work’ of every healthcare professional.

When Dr Glazebrook was asked why they continue to film the award winning series, he said: “There are many reasons, although first and foremost is the fantastic opportunity we get to celebrate and promote what we do, and put our best foot forward.”

He continued: “At a time when the NHS is under more pressure than ever, 24 Hours in A&E is a weekly reminder, were it needed, of the amazing work the NHS does all day every day […] The 110 fixed cameras used to film the programme could be put up in any emergency department in the country and the same level of care and passion would be recorded.”

May the media portray more uplifting articles highlighting the amazing work that every healthcare professional puts in every single day.

To read more about Dr Will Glazebrook’s experiences, see the full article here.

Source: St George’s University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust


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