Our Vision

“To be a key player in each of the areas we recruit in.”

Our Mission

“Friendly, expert and trusted specialists delivering the right people, to the right jobs.”

Both our vision and mission statement reflects our commitment to offering an exceptional service. We strive to deliver above and beyond what is expected of us – a claim strongly reflected in the feedback we receive from our candidates and clients who feel that we really do go the extra mile.

Company Values

Our values represent a set of principles that sits at the heart of who we are as a company. These are defined as:

Honourable in principles, intentions, and actions.

Having the qualities that you connect with trained and skilled people, such as; effectiveness, skill, organisation, seriousness and manners.

Relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish a goal; very hard-working and ambitious.

Providing encouragement or emotional help.

Our core values at Athona underpin everything we do and are instrumental to the way we deliver our services. Our employees embrace these values daily in the way they work within their teams and externally in the way they add value to the service provided to candidates and clients.