Medical Recruitment Agency Managed Service Solution is Expertise

Athona, one of the leading medical recruitment agencies, has developed web-based software solution expert:se – a true end-to-end recruitment process management solution.

Medical staffing is stressful enough, so Athona’s software, expert:se, takes the complex issues and processes within recruitment and combines them with technology to create a simple effective solution. We take pride in providing the best accessible pool of candidates to the market. Therefore, Athona has designed expert:se to deliver better costs, control and compliance. This system will manage the effective provision of Temporary work-seekers where there are apparent shortages.

expert:se has been designed specifically for NHS Trust Medical Staffing departments. expert:se has feature-rich functionality and has been specifically designed to ease Athona Recruitments medical clients to manage vacancies, electronic time sheets through to consolidated invoices and self-billing. Clients can tap into AWR management and real-time visual indicators to give greater control of recruitment spend, supply chain management and contractual KPI’s.

The clients already accessing expert:se are Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

For further information on expert:se please e-mail

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