New six-part series Hospital has left BBC2 viewers distraught following its first episode.

The series documents the current issues within the NHS, and the dilemmas medical staff face each day.

The first episode was at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington and followed the story of two patients who both needed lifesaving surgery.

Both patients need to be in the intensive care ward, however even though there are enough surgeons to perform both operations, there’s only one bed left.

Lesley Powls, Site Director at St Mary’s describes her job as an “air traffic controller”. She said: “The tower has never yet come crashing down and my job is to stop that happening. But life here is sometimes a little bit wobbly.”

Filmed for six weeks in the five London hospitals that comprise the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the focus of the production team is not the ins-and-outs of what happens in operating theatres – but the behind-the-scenes decisions that decide whether or not the operations go ahead.

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