With many NHS trusts experiencing staffing budget cuts, we have realised an increase in demand for fixed-term contracts. For clients, it provides a staffing solution that is far more cost effective than hiring a locum and for candidates, it offers both job security and flexibility.

Cost Saving Example

Locum Based on a band 6 locum working for 6 months for 37.5 hours per week.
Locum charge per hour £36 + VAT = £42.30
Weekly cost = £1350 + VAT = £1,586.25
Monthly cost = £5,400 + VAT = £6,345
Total cost for 6 months = £38,070 inclusive of VAT

If you were to employ the same candidate under a fixed term contract agreement, the costs would be as follows:

Fixed Term Contract

Based on the agenda for change pay scale £39,273 pro rata.
Total pay for 6 months £19,636.50 + 15% agency fee = £22,581.97

Total Saving Of = £15488.02

For more information and to find out how you can save, contact the Athona Allied Health team today on 01277 217 777 or e-mail health@athona.com.