It takes a lot of hard-work and talent to become a top recruiter. Every day you’re in a head-to-head contest to attract the best candidates and clients. It takes hard work to become a fantastic recruiter, however there’s many great benefits. Many recruiters describe the thrill of the industry. Each day is different and there’s no better feeling than closing a deal and making a candidate or client happy. There’s a constant ‘buzz’ in the office when the recruiters are on the phones and the atmosphere drives you to want to be the best. You’re affecting futures every single day – you’re providing the doctor for the patient in hospital or a teacher for the students in the classroom.

Got what it takes? We’ve compiled a list of the traits we think makes a fantastic recruiter:

Be confident

You can’t be successful in selling if you don’t believe in your service. It’s vital that you trust in what you’re offering to your candidates and clients. You should also trust in yourself and have the confidence to deal with unexpected circumstances.

Be able to communicate

You must know how to ‘handle’ people, by being able to speak with them and listen to their needs. It’s important to treat your candidates and clients with respect and to work on building a relationship. Recruiting isn’t just about selling, it also involves a lot of care and empathy. Sometimes a candidate isn’t right for a particular role, or may have had previous bad experiences with other agencies – it’s important to be tactful and approachable.

Be patient

Recruitment requires a great deal of patience and flexibility. Whether compiling candidate’s documents, having a last-minute interview reschedule, or taking the time to ensure a candidate is the right person for the job, a recruiter needs to maintain their company’s ethos and work on building long-lasting relationships.

Be reliable

To be a trustworthy professional you need to be reliable and punctual. Ensure you’re responding to emails and calls, and keeping your candidates and clients updated as much as possible. It’s all about improving your relationships and communicating regularly.

Be a team player

Working as part of a team is important for every recruitment consultant, because you will always need to share some form of information with other members of the company. Good communication between team members will help you find the best candidates and avoid inefficiencies across the desk.

Here’s what our employees have to say about recruitment…

Athona’s HR Team

When interviewing for recruitment consultants we look for that successful blend of someone who is driven and determined to succeed yet appreciates how important it is to provide genuine customer service.  A team player, who is willing to support colleagues, share information and contribute to team success are all prerequisites for a credible recruitment consultant. 

Working at Athona means working for a supportive, caring, modern and fast paced environment where we are all challenged to work hard and do well whilst being recognised, rewarded and above all valued for our contribution. 

Tanya, Business Manager for Consultants

 A lot of people don’t understand the word “recruitment”. For me, recruitment stands for hard work, drive, determination, being inquisitive and successful. It’s about never giving up and always wanting to be the best.

 Yes – there’s pressure, but that’s a good thing. You’re never bored and there’s always something new to deal with. Recruitment can give you nice things in life but always remember what you put in is what you get out. 

Jessica, Apprentice Account Manager for Education

 I was a little scared going into the office on the first day, I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t know much about the sector, but with the friendly staff, support and training at Athona I feel excited and positive about my future in the company.

I already feel very passionate about the education sector and I hope one day to be one of the highest billing consultants. 

Jeanette, Operations Director for Education

Every career will have a recruitment company working with them, so skills may vary, for example my team place teachers, so their written and verbal communication skills need to be exceptional, they also have to be warm and honest, as these are the overriding personality traits of a teacher. 

The one thing that all good recruitment consultants experience is the amazing feeling you get when you find someone the perfect job, or find a client someone they have been looking for, you all know that you were the catalyst and have made a difference on a really personal level, of course our sector also have the added bonus of know that the teachers we find make a real difference to children’s lives too. 

Working in recruitment gives you the opportunity to change lives and every day is different. It goes beyond a regular 9-5 job and gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a top recruiter? We’re always looking for fantastic talent at all levels. Take a look at a few of the many benefits we offer at Athona and get in touch to find out more about our internal vacancies:

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