For a limited time only, when you recommend a teaching professional to Athona you’ll earn £100 worth of vouchers once they’ve worked only 10 days through us. Simply let your friends and colleagues know about Athona and you’ll start earning yourself extra money straight away.

Get in touch with your consultant or complete the short form below and start earning today.

1. This incentive is running for a limited time only, from Monday 11th March 2019 to Thursday 11th April 2019 inclusive.

2. The £100 voucher bonus will be issued the week after your referral has completed 10 days through Athona.

3. The £100 voucher must be able to be purchased online.

4. You do not need to be registered with Athona to be eligible for this bonus.

5. If referring a candidate from Australia, you will receive the usual referral bonus (£250 converted to AUD on that day) after your referee has worked 20 days through Athona.

6. If receiving a cash bonus, you will be subject to NI and tax deductions.

7. Athona reserves the right to make amendments to this scheme without prior notice.