Does teaching in the UK spark an interest? Are you keen to find out what opportunities are available if you were to relocate to the UK? Do you want to experience a world-class education system?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our successful education recruitment team is ready and waiting to help you find your dream teaching job here in the UK. With over 12 years’ experience in assisting teachers from overseas, you’ll feel supported and ready for the move in no time.

Currently we’re looking for qualified teachers for roles in primary, secondary and SEND schools across London and the Home Counties. From thriving long term contracts, to daily supply positions and permanent placements, we’re able to find you a job that fits your specific needs perfectly. It’s important to note that whatever placement you take up with Athona, you’ll receive the most competitive rates of pay, with a dedicated and bespoke service.

International Office

In 2018 we opened our office in Sydney and are now one of few agencies to have a physical presence in Australia. Although this has helped our offering to Australian teachers, it also ensures we can support international candidates from New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other locations across the world looking to teach in the UK. Ultimately meaning we can address any questions often face-to-face, more quickly and at a time more suited to you, ensuring any of your worries are alleviated.

Athony Estevez international recruiter

Anthony, our experienced consultant based in Sydney, will be your main contact throughout the process of moving to the UK to teach. Here’s a little about Anthony so you can see how he’ll help you:

How did you get into recruitment?

Recruitment found me and over four years later I still absolutely love it.

How has the UK education recruitment market changed since you first started?

Schools are growing and more vacancies are opening up, so they are keener than ever to employ teachers from Australia and New Zealand to work in their schools.

How do you help assist teachers who are interested in moving to the UK?

My job as a consultant is to find out what you’re looking for and to tailor our services to your needs. I will be there to help assist you with advice on obtaining your visa and all the other compliance documentation, provide information on relocation and the best areas to choose and I will be able to give you in-depth interview guidance and advice on making the best choice for you and your career.

You have experience in making the move across the globe, what would you say your best tip is?

We live in a world where everything is connected, so it’s easy now to stay in contact with friends and family through things like Facebook and Instagram – I’ve never felt like I’ve been far away from home. Just remember you’re only ever a phone call or Skype away if you need to catch up.

Important Information

Got any questions about teaching in the UK? Unsure on what the UK school system is like? Here we answer some of the top questions we get asked:

If you’re an overseas trained teacher who is yet to obtain qualified teacher status (QTS) in the UK, you’re still eligible to teach in England for up to four years. After this time and to obtain your QTS, you simply need to submit an application to The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) – which is something Athona can support you with.

For more information on obtaining QTS, visit here.

All children in England are entitled to a free place at state school between 5 and 16 and have to follow the national curriculum. However there are also many other types of schools in the UK, including; private, state boarding, academies and faith schools.

In the UK we also have three school terms, autumn (September – December); spring (January – April) and summer (April – July).

Setting up a bank account is easy to do and best completed once you’re here. However, in the meantime you could use online bank Monzo, as Liz suggests in our essential tips blog, until you have received proof of your home address.

Want to find out more useful and important information for moving to the UK to teach? We’ve created a detailed guide to help you prepare for your visa application, get to know the UK schools better and answer some FAQs.

Making the move to teach in the UK can seem daunting, but that’s why Athona are here to help. With our advice and extensive knowledge you’ll soon feel confident for a UK classroom and excited about this new opportunity. Don’t forget we’re here to support you from pre-departure, on arrival and throughout the entirety of your placement in the UK.

Call the team on 0467 083 905 or get in touch by email to find out how we can help.