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As the General Medical Council (GMC) continues to uphold standards of practice across the UK, they have recently seeked answers from doctors regarding the impact of burnout and exhaustion as part of the national training surveys (NTS).

This is the first time such questions have been addressed, although the new questions are voluntary to answer.

The introduction of the burnout questions comes after the GMC successfully tested them on 2000 doctors. Last year the NTS revealed over 75% of trainers worked beyond their normal weekly hours and alarmingly 22% of doctors in training felt short of sleep while at work.

In order to continue to better support doctors in training and those who act as trainers and to learn more about the impact of training, the GMC has introduced these seven new questions.

Taken from the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory, a tool used across the globe to measure burnout in health professionals, the NTS asks:

  • Is your work emotionally exhausting?
  • Do you feel burnt out because of your work?
  • Does your work frustrate you?
  • Do you feel worn out at the end of the working day?
  • Are you exhausted in the morning at the thought of another day at work?
  • Do you feel that every working hour is tiring for you?
  • Do you have enough energy for family and friends during leisure time?

Dr Colin Melville, the GMCs Director of Education and Standards, said: “We recognise that this is a challenging time. Many doctors are very concerned about the system pressures across all four UK countries and we know that this winter has been particularly hard for both doctors in training and trainers. Each year’s NTS results help the GMC, medical education bodies and local organisations, to make sure trainees are receiving high-quality training, and that trainers are properly supported.”

The NTS launched on Wednesday 20th March and closes Wednesday 2nd May.


Have you completed the NTS survey yet? Let us know if you’re planning to.


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