Simply recommend a doctor to Athona for a locum position and once they’ve worked 100 hours through us, you will receive your reward.

How much can I earn?

You have the option to choose between £250 in cash or £250 worth of vouchers of your choice.

Get in contact with the team or complete the below form and start earning today.

Terms & Conditions

1. Referral scheme only available to candidates registered with Athona.

2. £250 bonus (or voucher equivalent) will be issued the week after your referral has completed 100 hours of work through Athona.

3. If you choose the cash bonus, you will be subject to NI and tax deductions.

4. If you choose the vouchers bonus these can be split over no more than two varying voucher options.

5. Referral bonus received if their first post with Athona is a locum post.

6. Athona reserves the right to make amendments to this scheme without prior notice.