The British Medical Association (BMA) has called off the junior doctors’ strike, which was due to take place in September, after NHS England warned hospitals had not been given enough notice.

The BMA junior doctors’ committee chair Dr Ellen McCourt said: “Patient safety remains doctors’ primary concern.

“While the BMA provided more than the required notice, we have taken this decision to ensure the NHS has the necessary time to prepare and to put in place contingency plans to protect patient safety.

“Our hospitals are chronically understaffed, our NHS is desperately underfunded – we have to listen to our colleagues when they tell us that they need more time to keep patients safe.

“Future action is still avoidable. The BMA has repeatedly said it will call off further action if the government puts a halt to plans to force junior doctors to work under a contract they have rejected because they don’t believe it is good for the future of patient care or the profession.”

Further strikes scheduled for October, November and December are still due to go ahead, unless a new contract is agreed.

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