An increasing number of professionals are choosing to leave the Big Smoke and work elsewhere in the UK.

Although it is considered one of the best cities in the world for jobs, working in London can ultimately make you sacrifice your work-life balance.

More and more people are choosing to work closer to home. Working for Athona gives you the chance to still have the benefits of a job in London, including a competitive salary and social life, without the long journeys.

We’ve compiled a list of why you should ditch the long commute and work locally instead:

  • No more long train journeys and being packed in to an overcrowded carriage.
  • You’ll be saving a lot of money on transport. Going back and forth to London every day works out expensive. For example, a season ticket from Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street costs £3,764 a year!
  • You’re away from home a lot when you factor in travel time.
  • You never really escape the chaos and ‘buzz’ when you’re in London.
  • Although going out regularly after work is fun, the late nights do begin to start wearing thin after the first few months.

Life in London is expensive and testing. We pride ourselves on being a working family and want to give you the chance to have a taste of London away from the chaos.

Are you ready to take the next step and move away from the capital? We offer fantastic roles for extraordinary individuals. Join our friendly and supportive company and start your next challenge:

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