It’s that time of year, thousands of graduate students are coming to the end of their university journey and all of a sudden everywhere you go people start to ask “so what career are you going to go into?” or “do you have a job planned once university is finished?”. It’s ok to not have all the answers right now, undertaking a university course is no easy task and deciding upon a career path doesn’t happen overnight.

The best thing you can do once your degree is over is take time to think about what excites you, challenges you and what you’re passionate about. Whilst you decide, it’s an excellent chance to get some professional work experience under your belt. When it comes to interviews and assessment days, you’ll be equipped to answer the interviewee confidently and with real-life work experience examples.

Did you know you can work through Athona Education as a graduate cover supervisor? If you’re not sure exactly what that involves, we break it down for you.

What is a cover supervisor’s role?

As a cover supervisor, your main job role will be to manage a secondary classroom and ensure the pupils in the class are staying on task with the work set by their usual teacher.

At times you may also have to manage behaviour, answer questions around the set work, discuss and debate texts, assist with spelling and grammar queries and allocate extension work when necessary.

Benefits of becoming a cover supervisor?

  • You will be able to gain plenty of work-based skills
  • Put into practice your communication skills
  • Help grow your confidence
  • You have flexibility in when you work, so it’s easy to take time off if you need to attend job interviews
  • Professional work experience will look good on your CV to potential employees
  • Enjoy a good work-life balance
  • Excellent daily rates of pay, with a bi-weekly payroll
  • It’s super easy to register with Athona and it’s free of charge to do so
  • Ever thought about getting into teaching and completing your PGCE? Being a cover supervisor is an excellent opportunity to get in front of a class before you gain your QTS. Read more about how to get into teaching through becoming a cover supervisor in our recent blog.

Some experience working with children is desirable, but it is not essential. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to let us know you’re interested and we’ll have you ready to work and out in schools as soon as you’re available.

*Although it is free to register with Athona, if you do not already hold a DBS, you will be required to apply for an enhanced DBS and as of May 2019 costs £50.60.