Introducing our AHP Team

At Athona, we have a dedicated team of healthcare recruitment professionals that make up our AHP division. Get to know a bit more about our health team and some information on working as an Allied Health Professional through Athona below!

Meet Faye Lyons, Athona’s Business Manager for AHP

Faye has primarily worked in SLT recruitment for 16 years and loves that it’s a ‘fast paced’ environment and that ‘no two days are ever the same’. Over the course of Faye’s 16 years of experience, she has noticed massive changes in the AHP market, she explains how you must “conduct more checks which can make the process take longer however, this is a much better process for both clients and candidates” as  you know that the right person is being placed in the right job. When asked about a piece of advice Faye would give to a candidate, she responded ‘be yourself when in the interview stage as you can sell yourself to a client without even realising you’re doing it’.

If you’re looking for a speech & language therapy job, then Faye is here to help. SLT’s have a very rewarding and varied career path which can offer you flexibility, an opportunity to make a difference to others and excellent employment prospects. There are many different routes that you can take when working as an SLT, such as working in a school, or perhaps working as a paediatric SLT, mental health or dysphagia to name a few. Did you know we also have access to roles overseas and sometimes with independent families? If you do consider relocating for work, locations such as; Orkney, Isle of Wight, Grampian and the Shetland Isles all offer an accommodation and relocation bonus to help you with your transition.

Meet Ronnie Brooks, Athona’s Recruitment Consultant for AHP

Ronnie has worked with Athona for just over a year now and has “thoroughly enjoyed every second of it”. He describes working in recruitment as being “a massive eye opener” as he learns something new every day and still gets the “buzz” when closing a deal. Ronnie says he feels very rewarded every time he places a candidate into their dream role!

We asked Ronnie what he considers to be some of the best benefits when working with an agency, he describes the main benefits as being “the flexibility that we can offer to both candidates and clients”. The flexibility an agency offers is slightly different to other organisations,  especially if there are candidates willing to work anywhere in the UK – then the possibilities really are endless! What makes a candidate stand out to Ronnie is how they speak about their previous roles. This allows him and other the rest of his team to gain a better insight to how the candidate will get on in a future placement or where there motivation lies so he can find the most suitable position for them.

As well as catering for SLT’s, Athona also specialises in occupational therapists. Since the global Coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, the annual number of OT’s in the UK have drastically fallen at a steep decline. In 2020, there were 52,000 OT’s in the UK, however now there are only around 40,000 which means there’s a significant shortage and high demand for the profession. This is a very broad career path with over 14 specialties and areas of practice for you to pursue. Furthermore, as an OT, you can also work short-term positions to gain new experiences, expand your network and work in a variety of  independent settings.

Moreover, Athona’s AHP desk is also always looking for new physiotherapists. Working as a physiotherapist also comes along with many major benefits such as, the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients and in different environments. A physiotherapiest can work in many varied settings including schools, community health centres, private and public hospitals, gyms and rehab facilities. From establishing treatment goals and assessing patient’s physical capabilities, no two days are the same in this line of work, making it the perfect position for those individuals who are flexible and hard-working.

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