We have a wonderful bunch of employees here at Athona, so throughout 2021 we will be shining the spotlight on a different employee each month to find out more about their job role and how they are Affecting Futures. From Recruitment Consultant’s to our support functions, there are lots of people doing great work every day at Athona.

This month we chatted to Lauren Ashby, our Marketing Executive in our busy marketing department, who joined Athona in December 2020.

What is your role at Athona and day-to-day responsibilities?

In my role as Marketing Executive, I plan and schedule all of our social communications across our social media accounts for each division in the company, regularly produce email campaigns for our candidates and clients, write blogs for our website, create newsletters for our candidates and employees, and more. I work in a team of three, so we plan what our focuses are for the week based on what is going on, and also work on bigger ongoing projects like our webinar and charity partnerships and Advisory Boards.

What has been your proudest achievement in your role so far?

I think my proudest achievement has been working closely with financial specialists Wesleyan to deliver a series of webinars for our healthcare candidates. They have been really well received so far, and it’s great knowing that we are able to give our candidates something else back that will help them with their careers and financial decisions. A press release I wrote was also picked up by Recruiter Magazine which was great.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Athona?

I love that working in Marketing at Athona is very varied, as we work on projects for both the healthcare and education side, so there’s always lots going on to keep the role diverse, which I like. Everyone I have met so far has also been very welcoming and friendly, although I joined just before the latest lockdown so haven’t had the chance to meet everyone yet!

Is marketing in recruitment what you thought it would be?

Having never worked in the recruitment industry before I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting it to be like, I just knew it sounded really interesting. I’ve found it to be incredibly varied so far and there’s lots of abbreviations/buzz words for everything which I’m picking up more now, so things actually make more sense!

What led you to a career in marketing?

I studied Marketing and Journalism at university after originally enrolling on a Business Studies and Journalism course. On the business studies side, we had one marketing module as part of it, and it was the only part I was enjoying, so after a few weeks I asked to switch completely to marketing instead. I loved studying for my degree after that and knew that I wanted a career in marketing afterwards, and have worked in marketing roles ever since I graduated, including in Australia!

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I love how varied it is, and how marketing can be a very responsive function. If something relevant happens in either the healthcare or education sectors that we can respond to and produce some content on then I love how fast-paced this is, and how we pull together as a team to create something to share.

Where is the best place you have travelled to?

I love Australia and have been there twice, including living/travelling over there for a year. If I could take my family and friends with me I would live there permanently in a heartbeat. I also spent 2 weeks travelling around Bali which was incredible; the people, places, culture and food are all amazing!


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