The Sheffield College is offering a new nursing course to address skills shortages in the NHS.

The course, which is starting in September, is aimed at helping students without A-levels get into university-level nursing programmes.

The Access to Nursing (Health Professions) Higher Education Diploma is a one-year course for students who want to go on to nursing degree courses and other health professions.

Professor Hilary Chapman, Chief Nurse at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are delighted to have played a leading role in developing this course in partnership with The Sheffield College.

“Our Trust has a successful track record in training, nurturing and developing a strong and effective nurse workforce for the future.

“This is a vital step forward in ensuring that the nursing workforce of the future has the appropriate level of skills, knowledge and ability to meet the rising demand for healthcare services.”

Lesley Rowlands, head of learning for health, education and care at The Sheffield College, said: “Access courses provide a great opportunity for adults to return to the classroom and fulfil their career ambitions.”

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