Since launching our new website in July last year, we’ve improved and added new features. In fact, it doesn’t stop there; lots of work is being done continuously to improve the user experience. This July we was back with another #WebsiteWednesday each week and highlighting a new element.

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Next up, improvements to our job pages. With our expanding offering we realised improvements to our job search page on the website were needed to accommodate this. There’s now more ways to filter down our live jobs and with everything in one simple side bar, within a click of a button you can easily find your next vacancy with Athona. 

View our latest healthcare jobs | View our latest education jobs | Want to work for Athona? Take a look at our internal vacancies.

Thirdly, last July the biggest change was the separation between healthcare and education, but this time round we’ve taken it one step further. Now there is a more prominent split between permanent and temporary/locum for our healthcare homepage. Meaning it is now even easier for our candidates to find exactly what they’re looking for when they’re on the website.

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For our penultimate element, we highlighted the development of the client section for both healthcare and education, so now it’s more easily accessible and forward-facing. Due to the development of the individual sections, it also provides us more opportunity to breakdown the work we do for our UK based and overseas based clients and to help you find out more about our permanent offering.

Check out the new clients sections here.

Finally, our final element was the launch of the more information pages. As a business, we have a number of different divisions which each deal with individual sub-specialties. To ensure we give you the right information about our offering, your recruitment team, the benefits you have direct access to and how we support you in finding the perfect job, we created more information pages dedicated to each division and in-turn, each of their sub-specialties.

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Which new element of the website have you found most useful? We’d love to hear your feedback.