Website Wednesday

Back in July we launched our brand new website, designed to not only be more visually appealing, but ultimately built to improve the overall user experience. To ensure the new website was utilised effectively, throughout October we shared #WebsiteWednesday and focussed on unveiling a new element each week.

First up, the more prominent split between healthcare and education. With both companies continuing to see significant growth, we made the decision to separate the two on our homepage. The fresh and simple design, with a division defining colour palette and far easier navigation means you’ll now only see your relevant sector jobs and content. Streamlining the user experience was our highest priority and ensuring you can find what you’re primarily looking for with no hassle; our live vacancies.

Next up, we turned our attention to focus on the new event section. Throughout the year we’re busy attending conferences and exhibitions both here in the UK and overseas – now you can easily see which event we’re attending next. Better still, it’s even easier for you to access where our monthly open days are being held, when our upcoming training is on and even where you can meet us at our registration days.

Did you know there’s also the ability to save an event directly to your smartphone calendar? Now you will never miss an Athona event again.

Thirdly, we moved onto our improved corporate section. With it’s own focussed section, the new corporate area provides a great platform to discuss everything you need to know about Athona and what it’s like to work for a growing company like us. We also aim to provide you with an insight into the environment we work in and there’s even a designated area to learn more about our industry-recognised apprentice scheme.

For our penultimate element, we concentrated on the ease of registering with Athona. With our new and improved quick send CV feature, within a few clicks we’ll know what job you’re after and how we can help, so one of our dedicated recruiters can get in touch and start discussing your opportunities – along with our many rewards and benefits.

Our final element saw us take it back to where it all begins – the homepage. We’ve embraced a simplistic design to aid easy navigation and to focus prominently on what you come to Athona for; your next role with our straight-forward job search. Alongside this, there is also the opportunity to sign up directly to our newsletter, a place to highlight our awards and accreditations and enable you to contact the team in a click of a button.


What part of the new website have you found most useful? We would always love to hear your feedback.