Over the last 2 years, Athona Allied Health has supplied the WFOT with artwork and marketing expertise to launch and brand World Occupational Therapy Day 2010 and 2011. As a result of our collaboration with WFOT, these events have increased the profile of the profession globally.

Ritchard Ledgerd, Programme Coordinator, Promotion and Development of the WFOT stated:

“Athona has enabled us to promote the activities the WFOT have undertaken nationally and internationally by creating logos for the organisation, posters for our WFOT Congress in Chile, alongside postcards and desktop calendars. These items were designed exclusively for the first and second World Occupational Therapy Days and have enabled us to raise funds to invest back into the organisation for future development and support for occupational therapists. It is important for us to have the continued support from companies like Athona Allied Health Recruitment whose commitment to the occupational therapy profession enables us to sustain our international promotional activities.”

We look forward to continued collaboration with the WFOT in the future. To view the material we have produced, please click here or for further information visit www.wfot.org.