winter pressures warning for the nhs

Back in June, it was highlighted preparations needed to be made for the coming winter months, with the NHS warning ‘unless we do something now to manage the risk for winter, there is trouble ahead.’

Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said ‘the top priority for every part of the NHS’ was to avoid a winter crisis. However, troublingly 92% of trusts reported a lack of capacity in primary care to manage the upcoming winter.

According to hospital bosses recent caution, ‘the NHS is alarmingly unprepared to deal with the surge of people who fall ill during the cold weather.’ Chris Hopson, chief executive for NHS Providers, added this winter ‘could be even worse than last year, when there were far too many patients waiting more than 12 hours on a trolley or in the back of an ambulance to be seen.’

However NHS England has admitted to ease the pressures this winter, there are plans to open 3,000 beds to manage demand and limit risk to patients.

Further to this, it was recently revealed hospital chiefs are asking to receive an emergency bailout of £350m to fund the extra staff and help ease the bed shortage and long waiting times.

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