This month, our responsible officer, Mr Fahed Youssef, paid a visit to our head office to meet our medical recruitment team to discuss the significance of making doctors fully compliant, and the revalidation and appraisal process.

Mr Youssef spent the day delivering workshops to the team where he discussed his journey from studying to qualifying, his experience of being a locum, his work as both consultant general surgeon and a responsible officer.

With our ‘affecting futures’ ethos in mind, Mr Youssef was keen to remind us that we need to put ourselves in a patient’s position and consider the bigger picture. Mr Youssef said, “We can all help to improve our patients’ experience. All of us have been, or will be, patients at some stage so just imagine when you’re speaking to a doctor, ‘this person is going to treat me or one of my relatives’ ”.

Our consultants benefitted from having a seminar led by such an important figure who can see both sides of the coin. Stephen O’Hara, senior recruitment consultant for Surgery, commented, “Listening to Mr Youssef helped me understand the day-to-day needs of a locum from all aspects: from training to all complications they come across. I now have a greater knowledge and understanding of how to deal with anything should it arise. I think meeting Mr Youssef was very educational and it was great to have a very experienced doctor and locum who has been doing this for the last 17 years talk to us.”

If you have any questions on any of the above, please speak to a member of our revalidation support team on or 01277 217777.


Here’s how Mr Fahed Youssef inspired our team


Kirstie Woodhall – Recruitment Consultant, Mental Health
“I came out feeling that any doctors going through revalidation with Mr Youssef are in good hands!”

Laura Henry – Team Leader, Mental Health
“I found it really interesting to hear what Mr Youssef had to say.  It’s good to hear it from a doctor’s side, someone who has actually done locum work and seen the changes that have occurred over time. It’s good to know that, no matter what, we would always try to help a doctor in difficulty and ensure that we are sending good doctors out to work and affecting patients’ futures in a positive way.”

James Read – Team Leader & Recruitment Consultant, A&E and Medicine
“I have a better understanding of how we can help our doctors in different situations after speaking with Mr Youssef.”

Jade Rous – Recruitment Consultant, Mental Health
“I felt the session was very useful in understanding what a locum goes through and how hard their jobs can be.”