The Art of Recruitment

Raising recruitment to an artform since 2003

Athona team at their desks

After almost two decades of industry experience, we have spent the past few months revisiting our brand positioning and defining what truly sets us apart from other staffing organisations.

A commitment to quality

We wholeheartedly believe we are elite recruiters – a statement we don’t make lightly. And that’s because of the care and attention we take in every step of our recruitment processes.

We treat every single one of our healthcare candidates and clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. And we approach every single recruitment project with attention-to-detail and a commitment to quality.

Put simply, we want the perfect outcome on every project.

A psychiatrist with a patient

The work you don't see

When we see a piece of art, it’s hard to visualise what came before it. You don’t see the years the artist spent perfecting their craft, or the toil it took to create that one painting. And in some ways, our work is the same.

We’ve worked for years to hone our craft, getting better and better through every project we’ve completed. Our skills have been sharpened, and our experience has helped us to refine our processes to the point that we’re masters in what we do.

But just like in a painting, our clients and candidates only see the end result.

That’s the consequence of mastering your art.


Surgeons working on a patient

Perfect results, every time

Ultimately, being masters in our craft offers our clients and candidates real peace of mind.

We only ever put candidates forward for positions where there is a perfect match. And we only take on projects for our clients where we know we can deliver perfect results.

That’s what we call: