Are you thinking about relocating to the UK for work and need to take an IELTS exam to do so?

If so, Athona can help.

We’re offering to reimburse the cost of either the course fees to prepare you for your IELTS (provided through Specialist Language Courses (SLC)), or the cost of the exam.

To find out more contact or send us your CV.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This incentive is valid from 01/04/2019.
  2. This incentive applies to payment of either your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam or a training course from Specialist Language Courses (SLC) only and cannot be applied to both.
  3. Offer applies to Athona Medical and Psychiatry candidates only.
  4. Payment for the agreed incentive will be issued after 30 days of continuous employment through Athona.
  5. This incentive will not apply to any secondary exams or courses i.e. failing the exam.
  6. Athona reserve the right to terminate or amend the offer at any time without prior notice.