New studies has claim that bipolar disorder can be triggered by having a high IQ during childhood. The long-term project studied a group of 8-year-olds, who were tested again at 22-23, and the results analysed.

The study, which was led by University of Glasgow psychiatry professor Daniel Smith, investigated the group for manic traits. Those in the top 10 percent had a childhood IQ almost 10 points higher than those in the bottom 10 percent.

Are his team’s findings an important discovery, or could they be coincidental? Should high childhood IQs be considered a ‘red flag’? Have you spotted any interesting trends during your career? Let us know.

A patient’s family history and genetics are key factors in the development of bipolar. Multiple generations can suffer from the disorder.

Further research is needed before a correlation between IQ and bipolar disorder can be proved. Nevertheless, these findings shine new light on a conditional about which there is still much to learn.

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