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We know it’s hard out there

Canada. It’s a big country. 30 million people means plenty of schools. And that means plenty of teaching positions, right?

At Athona, we know that’s not the case. Teaching in Canada is so over-subscribed, there are 4,000 too many entering the workplace – every year. Five years after graduating, 37% of teachers still haven’t found full-time work.

Athona invites you to teach in the UK

Good news for Canadian teachers: Under the Guaranteed Work Scheme, we can get you a teaching job in the UK. A lengthy spell of teaching in our green and pleasant land would put you head and shoulders above the competition. Does that sound good?

The key is the Tier 5 visa, which allows Canadians to work in the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme. This enables applicants to pursue teaching roles in the UK – and do so for up to 2 years. This would be almost impossible for a brand new teacher back in Canada.

Tier 5 visa applicants must:

  • Be aged 18-30
  • Have Canadian citizenship;
  • Apply from within Canada;
  • Have funds of at least C$3780 in the bank;
  • Apply 3 months before you travel.

Best of all, you do not require a sponsor.

Applying for the visa: It all begins with a click

The application process itself is entirely online, and the form can be found here.

Detailed information about the UK visa application is available here.

There are some areas to consider. For example, applications are made online, and payment (£255) is made up front online as well.

But that’s not all: an appointment at a visa application centre must be booked, during which supporting documents are viewed and fingerprints are taken.

Physical originals of the following need to be brought along:

  • Valid passport;
  • Recent passport-sized photograph;
  • Bank statement proving savings of at least C$3780

What’s next?

If you are a Canadian and have succeeded in your application: congratulations, we look forward to your stay.

So what happens now? Talk to us. We will find you a job before you have even started packing your bag. Your CV will become infinitely more attractive. Your teaching career will take off – and things will never be the same again.

Can we help your teaching dreams come true? Talk to our education team today on (+44)01277 245840 or email and get your career moving – to the United Kingdom.

Athona is planning a visit to Canada in early 2016. Get in touch if you’d like to meet us, or if you know qualified teachers in Canada who may be interested in speaking to us.