Athona is required to report and publish our total emissions data as part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We therefore need to capture data about your commuting habits to calculate commuting emissions data. We will be developing tools to capture this data more accurately going forward, but for now to capture our baseline emissions we would like you to comment on your commuting habits for the month of November 2023.

At some point during the below survey, you will be asked to calculate your mileage using the RAC Route Planner, please use this link to accumulate this data.

Please note Business miles travelled on behalf of the client you are working for have been calculated separately from mileage expense claims so there is no need to factor in business miles.

Thinking about your commute to and from work in November 2023, please answer the following questions.

Car: 0
Motorbike: 0
Bus: 0
Train: 0
Bicycle: 0
Walking: 0
Days per week: 0
Ad hoc days per month: 0
Home to work mileage per day
Work to home mileage per day
Total miles per day
Please answer YES or NO. If NO, please let us know if your miles each day have increased or decreased and by how much
If you have changed your method of travel in the last 12 months, i.e started using a car instead of the train or bus, or you have changed from a petrol or diesel car to a hybrid or electric car, please provide brief details of that change and a rough date of when that change happened so that the emissions data can be calculated more accurately.