Handy FAQs on compliance and its benefits for you


Compliance is a process of checks we’re legally bound to undergo when you register with Athona.

It is a requirement of the NHS Employment Check Standards and national frameworks we’ve been awarded, which is designed to measure fitness to practice through pre-screening our candidates before they enter the workplace.

Simply put, it gets you to work more quickly. A fully compliant healthcare professional is very appealing to your employer – it shows you have been fully checked, vetted and are a safe option for their placement.

Our compliance officers will complete your pre-screening and welcome you to Athona. They’re responsible for completing priority compliance checks and getting you ready for work.

We understand plans change. If you stop working for us, your file is maintained for a minimum of 12 months, meaning you won’t have to repeat the complete process if you come back within this timeframe.

It’s possible to turn your file around in as quickly as one day with your full co-operation. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. We can make things happen promptly as soon as we receive your documentation.

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