As part of World Blood Donor Day, we asked one of our employees how they found giving blood for the first time. We understand giving blood can be daunting, but we hope Natalie’s experience giving blood puts you at ease and encourages you to give blood and save a life.

Why did you decide to give blood?

I decided to give blood as I was continuously seeing adverts about how blood donors were urgently needed. I’m a healthy person and I knew by giving blood I could potentially save lives, which I think is something to be proud of.

Did you feel apprehensive before giving blood? If so, how did you get over this?

I wasn’t nervous beforehand as everyone was so friendly which kept me at ease. However, if you’re thinking about giving blood and do feel nervous, there is a number you can ring and speak to someone about the process.

Why is it important to you to give blood?

It’s important to give blood as this can lead to saving a life. There are four principle types of blood groups, all of which are needed on a daily basis.. to help people. Therefore the more of us that give blood, the more lives we will be saving!

Once your blood has been taken, you will receive a text to let you know what hospital it is going to and when it will be used and this really does make you feel good about yourself.

Want to become a donor? Visit the give blood website to find out more.

T: 01277 217777