International Nurses Day is celebrated on the 12th May each year to celebrate and recognise the contributions nurses make to society across the globe. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the critical role nurses play in health care and some of the obstacles they encounter. Nurses are at the heart of our healthcare system, providing essential care and support to patients.

The economic  power of care 

Each year, the International Council of Nurses choose a theme for the day that represents an issue associated with nursing. The 2024 theme, ‘the economic power of care’ was chosen “with the aim to reshape perceptions and demonstrate how strategic investments in nursing can bring considerate economic and societal benefits.” This theme emphasises the vital role of nursing in driving economic growth and sustainability. Investments in healthcare, particularly nursing have economic benefits such as increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs and enhanced social welfare. It has been stated that the financial crisis has led to budgetary cuts, often at the expense of nursing services, which overlooks the substantial economic benefits that nursing can contribute to healthcare and society. Dr Pamela Cipriano, president of the ICN, hopes this theme could raise the profile of underfunding in nursing more broadly.

Beyond their clinical role, nurses have a significant role in shaping the economic structure through their contributions to the healthcare industry. Nursing is one of the biggest segments of the healthcare workforce which provides employment to over 730,000 people in the UK alone. Nurses work in various settings including hospitals, community health centres, schools and within the community where their diverse role drives job creation and supports economic growth.

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