We’re incredibly proud of our apprentices we have here at Athona, so this National Apprenticeship Week we are celebrating some of the great apprentices who have recently graduated, and see what they have learnt during our time on their apprenticeship. Below we meet Lily, our Portal Officer Apprentice.

What were you doing before you started as an Athona apprentice?

Before I joined Athona I was at secondary school studying my GCSES, when I completed all of my exams I decided to start an apprenticeship at Athona.

What made you choose an apprenticeship scheme in recruitment?

I saw Athona’s apprenticeship scheme advertised and thought it sounded great and looked like it would be a really good opportunity for me, so I decided to explore it further.

How have you found your apprenticeship at Athona?

It’s been a great experience!

How has the support and guidance you received whilst completing your apprenticeship been?

The support and help from my team has been really good, any questions I have they are always happy to help. It’s a really friendly environment.

How did you hear about the Athona apprentice scheme?

I came across Athona’s apprenticeship scheme online when I was looking into what I could do after completing my exams, and thought it sounded like a good option to try.

What part of the apprenticeship did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed training on the job as well as completing my apprenticeship, I feel that this gave the whole course a good balance between coursework and training.

What has been a highlight of your role?

I think having the opportunity to work for various teams was great and definitely a highlight. I got to move from the Operations team where I was doing business administration, over to the Acute team working on business development. This was great because I believe it gave me a much broader experience and opened up new opportunities for me.

What have you learnt most about during your time at Athona?

I’ve learnt so much, but especially about the medical recruitment industry as a whole. Coming from school I didn’t have any idea about recruitment at all or what it was going to be like, but I’ve learnt so much about the whole industry.

What advice would you give to others looking to start an apprenticeship?

If you are keen to earn a salary whilst being trained on the job, then an apprenticeship is a great way of doing this. It also gives you a broader experience compared to studying and doing coursework in college/sixth form five days a week, as it provides a great balance between coursework and on the job learning. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s considering an apprenticeship.

Have you recently received your A-Level or GCSE results and are now looking for a job role where you gain a recognised qualification, workplace skills and earn as you learn? Find out more about Athona’s apprenticeships here.