The past two years have been filled with huge uncertainty, grief and worry. Therefore, on Wednesday 23rd March, Marie Curie is hosting a National Day of Reflection to remember the friends, family, colleagues and neighbours that we have sadly lost over the past couple of years.

At 12:00pm, there will be a minuets silence to reflect on those dearly departed and the recent events that have occurred. There will be walls of reflection in your local area, where you are able to share memories and thoughts about loved ones who have died. Photos, poems, music, stories, articles or even recipes can be displayed on the walls along with some places holding tea and biscuits to share your memories of loved ones. This is also an opportunity to speak to others who have gone through the same tough time. On the day, Marie Curie will also be hosting a series of live online talks. You can join the streamed events at certain times or alternatively, you can watch any event in your own time from 9am onwards on 23rd March.

About Marie Curie

The first Mare Curie home for cancer patients was opened in 1952. One of their important aims was to make a large contribution to medical research. This was initially by making grants to fund research into the causes and treatments of cancer. Just 10 years later in 1962, they opened their own research facility at the Marie Curie Home in Caterham. Work focusing on controlling the growth of hormone-dependent tumours was conducted and researched here. Moving throughout the 1980’s, Marie Curie Homes began to focus more on hospice care which meant that they cared for sicker patients for usually shorter periods of time.

In the last 20 years, Marie Curie has come up with many new ways in order for terminally ill people to be able to stay at home until the end of their lives. They have also increased their funding within palliative care research. They are now the UK’s largest charitable funder of palliative and end of life care research.


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