Today marks the 75th Birthday of the NHS and to recognise this day, there are many ways you can get involved to support the service the NHS and our candidates and clients provide on a daily basis. From volunteering at an NHS organisation to giving blood, or joining the NHS1000 miles challenge, there is something for everyone! At Athona, we’re encouraging all employees to register to give blood and to become an organ donor to help save and improve the lives of others.

75 years of the NHS

Since the NHS was founded in 1948 by The Minister of Health at the time, Aneurin Bevan, the NHS has continued to touch all our lives in many ways. From Britain’s first kidney transplant in 1960, to the recent Coronavirus pandemic research and development in 2020, the NHS has come a long way and continues to deliver high quality care to all patients.

The NHS is renowned for leading a part of the discovery of innovative medicines and treatments across England. In 2022, technology such as robotic systems helped treat patients with prostate cancer return home within 24 hours of surgery. This further shows the rapid progression being made by the NHS in recent years to help speed up patients recovery.

Having access to healthcare should be a vital necessity and service for everyone in the world. Furthermore, 9 in 10 agree healthcare should be free, whilst 4 in 5 agree healthcare should be available to everyone.

How Athona is recognising the 75th Birthday

Our employees spent the day registering their details to either register to give blood or become an organ donor. Below, is just a snippet of some of our generous employees who have signed up today.

Find out how you can make a difference and support the service by getting involved with the NHS’s 75th Birthday.


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