The purpose of a medical CV is to present relevant facts to a prospective employer. It should present you as the best person for the role and to give the employer an overview of your career, skills and experience to date. It may seem daunting having to submit your CV, so we’ve put together the key things you need to include. These are:

Personal Details

This will include your name, address, telephone number, email and GMC registration number.

Personal Profile

Giving an overview of you and the type of role you are looking for. It should set out the expectations they should expect from you. This is essentially your first impression to any future employer.

Work History

Here you should detail all your career in reverse chronological order. If you have a vast history of appointments this it is likely to spread across multiple pages. Therefore, you should summarise your skills and experience in a new section.

Qualifications & Training

This will include all your qualifications and training that is relevant to the role, starting with your most recent first. This should include the institution you studied with, as well as your current grade and year you graduated.

Prizes & Awards

An area to showcase any relevant prizes or awards you have received. Don’t forget to include the date you were awarded, who it was by and the reason it was granted.

Publications and Research

This section should include, in reverse chronological order, each project you have been a part of. Be sure to include the title and a brief description of your research and where it was published.

Courses & Meetings

Add in all relevant courses and meetings that fit with your desired role. Include the date, title and the organizer.


This is a list of referees that are contactable immediately. Including their name, phone number and email.

This is just the basic information that should be included in your medical CV, to showcase you and your knowledge/skillset. Other sections you may wish to include are memberships with professional boards, language skills, teaching experience and other additional information that would be relevant.

Here is an example of a basic medical CV:

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