Are you looking to begin an exciting new career in the world of recruitment? Looking for a change of scenery from your current sales role? Or want to learn an abundance of skills in a fast-paced environment? Then becoming a trainee recruitment consultant could be the job role for you. Still not sure? Here’s just six of our top reasons.

1) If you come from a sales background, this is the perfect opportunity for you to easily transition those skills into a trainee recruitment consultant role. With some understanding of sales, you’ll find settling into your role stress-free and simple.

2) It’s an excellent way for you to gain many skills; including problem solving, negotiation, empathy, rapport building and commercial decision making, using and strengthening them daily.

Find out more about the skills you’ll learn as you become a great recruiter here.

3) We provide all the necessary training and development you need to become a great recruiter. You’re not just thrown in the deep end, time is invested to help you understand different areas from sales technique, compliance rules, how to source new candidates, meeting with client contacts, and internal CRM training.

4) You’ll work closely alongside recruiters who have plenty of experience. Many of our top recruiters have been with Athona since the beginning and together, the whole team will be able to advise and help guide you into becoming the best recruiter possible. Better still, you’ll be able to gain insider tips and tricks from the real experts.

5) There’s potential for quick career progression and the hard-work being rewarded with monetary gains. Yes, it’s a competitive environment, but one that always pushes you to achieve the best results and to constantly improve. You’ll also be able to access exclusive incentives for hitting your targets.

6) Every day is different – recruitment is a people business and even if you have a daily set routine, you will be interacting with a wide variety of different people and requirements, who at times, can be unpredictable. You know it will never be boring!

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