As the most recent RTT data is published, we’re thrilled to announce Athona’s insourcing arm, Athona Clinical Services, has been awarded onto the new national flexible framework for the provision of On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions (‘insourcing’).

The Countess of Chester Hospitals Commercial Procurement Services have launched another National Flexible Framework for the provision of On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions (‘insourcing’) F044(2021)/OSMCS/21/IB, enabling insourced solutions which supplement the delivery of patient care in line with the NHS’ core key performance indicators. This flexible framework also offers a fully compliant route for all NHS bodies, with services being offered for all surgical and medical specialties.

Additional benefits of this framework to the NHS are:

  • Free access to a flexible on-framework agency that will save procurement time and cost
  • Agile approach to meet the changing needs of the public sector
  • High performing teams improve core efficiency thus reducing patient waiting times, including expediting referrals
  • Bespoke call-off terms and conditions for clinical services.

Tracie Spires, Associate Director of Quality and Insourcing, said of being awarded onto the framework: “Insourcing has become the preferred option for NHS Trusts to maximise the use of their facilities with our insourced specialist teams because it offers a flexible, upscaling solution for patient waiting lists during unprecedented periods of increased demand.

We are proud to be able to continue supporting Trusts with high volume outpatient and day case surgical procedures as part of the Countess of Chester Hospitals Commercial Procurement Services framework, ensuring maximum RTT impact.

Athona Clinical Services prides itself on working in partnership with Trusts to compliment and extend their services by providing additional high quality capacity via a quality assured and compliant framework route.”

Who are Athona Clinical Services?

Athona Clinical Services was established in February 2020, following a six-month research programme into the challenges of the RTT waiting lists. Athona Clinical Services was inspired by our Senior Clinical Leads commitment to Trusts with the increasing national challenge of waiting times and a drive to support our local communities further.

Little did we know the services our insourcing team provide would become increasingly necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic and amplified pressures on the NHS. In recent years insourcing has become an ideal option to quickly obtain, support and resource departments with the ability to reduce their RTT waiting lists by making use of evening and weekend theatre and clinical space.

For more information on the services we provide and how our clinical services team can support your Trust to recover, visit: