Are you interested in relocating to the UK, but are worried about the daunting prospect? Our permanent and international team are on hand to find you your perfect role, as well help alleviate any concerns you may have.

Meet Chiara and find out how she’s finding living and working in the UK.

Why were you interested in moving to the UK?

I was interested in moving to the UK because I was unsatisfied with the job conditions in Italy. I was looking for a better quality of life, better working conditions and a permanent job contract.

How are you finding living in the UK so far?

I love living in the UK, my life here is now well organised, without any stress at work and life is easier.

Can you tell us what your typical working day is like?

My working day starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm. When I arrive at the hospital I switch on all the equipment in the room assigned to me, when all the equipment is switched on I start to do the QA to be sure everything is working correctly. After 30 minutes I will start my working patients list with a colleague of mine, we always work in pairs to help each other and to speed the process up a bit. I usually have to perform a mammogram every six minutes for a screening mammogram programme, paying attention to perform the best images possible, following the ALARA principle. When the shift is finished I switch the equipment off, clean the room and restock.

What do you love most about living in the UK?

What I appreciate in the UK is the precision and organisation the population has.

Is living in the UK different than you thought it would be? If so, how?

Living in the UK is much better than what I was expecting.

What advice would you give to another healthcare professional looking to relocate to the UK?

Before moving everyone told me I was really brave because I was undertaking this new adventure, but every time my answer was “I feel brave if I stay here and I don’t move!” Life here is much better compared to what I expected, you can achieve what you want and you will be appreciated and supported.

How would you rate the support you have received from your recruitment consultant at Athona?

My recruitment consultant has been fundamental in my move and my first step forward, she will always do her best to try to help, support and advise me. She does an extraordinary job every day to sort any complications related to transfer using all the wonderful knowledge she has.

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