Starting out in the world of recruitment when you have no prior sales experience can seem a daunting prospect at first. That’s why at Athona you have the opportunity to experience and grow your knowledge of recruitment as a Resourcer, before becoming a Recruitment Consultant.

Two employees, Paige and Lewis, members of Athona’s market-leading Psychiatry division, made the step from Resourcer to Recruitment Consultant after being with the business for only six months. Through their determination and ambition to succeed, they have achieved a lot and gained valuable experience of what it’s really like to work as a recruiter. We sat down with Paige and Lewis to find out about their experience – here’s what they had to say.

What were you doing before you joined Athona?

Paige: I was working for Reed in Partnership as an Evidence Collection Executive. They are a charity helping people get into work and I was responsible for collecting compliance documents and references from employers – this has definitely helped with the chasing of compliance documents aspect with candidates! Shortly before this however I graduated from a Costume and Performance design degree.

Lewis: Before joining Athona I was working in retail management, so recruitment is a whole new career for me.

How do you think being a Resourcer has helped you prepare for your new role as a Recruitment Consultant?

Paige: Being a Resourcer has taught me so much about the jobs that are on the market, about how to liaise with doctors, and given me the people skills and confidence to liaise with clients as well. It has also given me the tools to grow my own desk by bringing in new doctors to the business, which I can now place into locum psychiatry jobs.

Lewis: It’s massively helped me being a Resourcer first, it’s allowed me to understand the first step to everything and also how important it is to get the correct compliance documents in. As a Resourcer I’ve also been able to properly learn all the medical terminology, grades, job roles and all about the Trusts and private hospitals we place into.

What support and training did you receive to help you progress in your career?

Paige: I received so much support and guidance from my team, as well as the opportunity to attend many training sessions that Athona run. I went to a couple of training sessions in London ran by LinkedIn, where I learnt the best ways to utilise LinkedIn to source new candidates. I also had sessions with Jo, Athona’s Talent & Development Manager, whereby we worked on my sales and business development skills to help me as a Resourcer and prepare for my career progression into a recruiter. My team also supported me so much as well by always answering the billions of questions I have!

Lewis: There’s been lots of support and training, including heading to LinkedIn’s head office in London for specialist training on sourcing candidates. Internally, I’ve also shadowed a team leader in the psychiatry team during my first week, had 1-2-1 training sessions with Jo to develop my sales skills and been involved with team development meetings.

What is one of the highlights of working in recruitment?

Paige: I love how fast paced it is. Everything moves so quickly and so you always have to be on your toes.

Lewis: When I made three placements in one day, even when I was working as a Resourcer but got to experience what it is like to work as a recruiter.

What’s one of the best parts about your role?

Paige: I get out what I put in. There is so much potential with the desk I am working on and so I know the more hard work I put in, the more I will be able to achieve. This is a big motivator for me, especially knowing there is no limits to how successful this desk can be. It’s also great to know as I put a lot of effort in, I will definitely be rewarded for it.

Lewis: Working in such a supportive and giving team, who combined have many years of experience behind them. They’re all very knowledgeable of the market!

What is the best advice you can give your candidates?

Paige: If you have any exact requirements or preferences, always be sure to let your consultant know. How are they meant to find you the perfect job if they don’t know the specifics? Similarly, if there is any flexibility in your preferences, do let us know, as you may be missing out on some potential jobs because we think you wouldn’t even consider it.

Lewis: Sending in your compliance documents is very important, you could possibly lose a job role if we have to wait around for a document to make you compliant. Especially in the private sector, jobs aren’t around for a long time.

Finally, in your new role what area will you be covering?

Paige: I will be covering Psychiatry locum positions for NHS Trusts in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the South West – so if you’re looking for a position in any of these areas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Lewis: As a Recruitment Consultant I will be working as part of the private sector team, so if you’re looking to move out of the NHS or find part-time locum work, don’t forget to let me know you’re interested.

Are you looking to find your way into recruitment? Looking to feel supported in your career journey to becoming a Recruitment Consultant? Then working as a Resourcer for Athona could be the job for you. Take a look at our latest vacancies to find your dream job.