Are you finding yourself still thinking about work after your shift? Worrying or stressed when you get home? Struggling to relax? Then make sure you start to follow the NHS ‘Going Home Checklist’ at the end of every shift.

Designed to encourage reflection and mindfulness at the end of the working day, it was created by the NHS to ensure they are taking the time to look out for their staff on a daily basis.

Here we’ve adapted the NHS Going Home Checklist and included some of our own ideas:
  • Take a few minutes to think about your day and reflect on how your shift went
  • If anything difficult happened, acknowledge it and let it go
  • Write down/think of three things that went well
  • Did you check in on your colleagues before you went home?
  • Have you thought about yourself? Are you ok? Do you need someone to talk too? Colleagues and Occupational Health are there to help you
  • Find a hobby you can attend after your shift
  • Try to go for a walk outside and meet up with friends or family
  • Remember to switch your attention to ‘going home’
  • Ask yourself, how are you going to rest and recharge?

All jobs have their advantages and disadvantages, positives and difficulties and working in healthcare is no different. Whilst it may not always be easy to forget about the challenges you face at work, taking time for yourself to rest, relax and reset is fundamental to your mental wellbeing and stopping burnout.

Did you know there is also a number of mindful apps that are suitable for all NHS staff? Like Headspace or Bright Sky.

Don’t forget our team is always here to support you, whether it’s with your appraisal, compliance issues or finding you a new job, we’re on-hand to offer guidance whenever we can.