We are delighted to announce that according to the latest Annual Organisational Audit (AOA) Comparator Report from NHS England, we have excelled compared to our competitors.

In the latest report comparing locum agency designated bodies and national appraisal statistics, our missed appraisals percentage stands at just 0.7%, in contrast to our competitors who received 6.3%. We were also able to respond to all of the requirements giving us 100%.

These excellent results have once again highlighted the dedication and comprehensive guidance our revalidation and appraisal support team provide to our candidates. You will receive one-to-one support and we will tailor a unique plan to suit your needs. We often find many believe their annual appraisal will be a daunting experience, but with our help this is never the case.

At Athona we understand the importance surrounding your appraisals and the guidance you should receive during this time. That’s why all of our appraisers are trained to provide detailed responses and create a personal development plan (PDP), to ensure your objectives and personal goals are met. What’s more, our appraisals are never held over Skype, they’re always face-to-face meetings.

Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received recently:

“I was very happy to have had a consultant appraiser and a PDP set – this is something I have been desperately lacking working as a locum SHO and not as a trainee.”

 “The appraiser was very supportive in choosing an additional PDP objective and gave suggestions on how I may be able to achieve it.”

 “The appraiser was well prepared, thoughtful and gave constructive suggestions to improve my practice, while maintaining an appreciative stance regarding my achievements over the past year. Overall an excellent appraisal.”

 “My appraiser was absolutely excellent – thoroughly prepared and familiar with my appraisal submission prior to the actual appraisal itself. The whole appraisal was conducted in a highly professional, concise and efficient manner, yet at the same time with care and humanity.”

If you would like to find out more about our revalidation and appraisal service, please visit here or get in touch with the team today:

E: revalidationsupport@athona.com

T: 01277 217777