To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week we asked our current and graduate apprentices, along with their managers, how an apprenticeship at Athona works for them.

From working in a busy sales role to demanding support role, take a look at what our fantastic apprentices and their managers have to say:

“Having Crystal join the Marketing team has diminished any concerns and exceeded any expectations I had when considering hiring an apprentice. Crystal is not only exposed to all elements of working in a busy marketing department, but also to a successful and demanding recruitment business; real work experience which is so valuable when starting a career.

Crystal is a testament to how apprenticeships work well and is a valued member of the team.”

Candice – Marketing Manager

“I came to Athona after realising college wasn’t the path I wanted to continue down. I wanted to kick-start my career and learn first-hand what the working world is like. After being an apprentice at Athona for nearly a year, I can definitely say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I work with such a supportive and amazing team, who I feel have equipped me with the necessary skills to flourish in my marketing career.”

Crystal – Marketing Apprentice

“Sera joined Athona in September 2017 after she attended our career event at Brentwood County High and then later approached our HR department when she left school. Sera is keen to learn as much as possible, and works really well with our team.”

Jeanette, Operations Director – Education

“Having an apprenticeship has worked extremely well for me. I have the opportunity to work with amazing people who have been extremely encouraging and supportive. Having the chance to work in a professional environment whilst completing my apprenticeship has taught me how to manage my time effectively, as both my role in the business and my role as an apprentice are very important.”

Sera – Compliance officer apprentice

“It’s great having an apprentice on our team as it allows us to show someone what recruitment is like at this level. Eden has picked things up very quickly and has been a great asset to our team, ensuring our hospitals and doctors have the support they need.

Eden has excellent customer service skills and is always on hand to help if the Consultants are unavailable. Recently Eden has been resourcing candidates, one of which we’ve successfully placed. It’s been rewarding watching her grow and will certainly show other people thinking about apprenticeships that recruitment is a great option.”

Emily, Team Leader – Mental Health

“My apprenticeship at Athona has worked really well for me and has taught me many skills, including how to not only work successfully individually, but also in a team. My favourite part about working with Athona is how friendly everyone is and how much my team are willing to help me.”

Eden, Mental Health Apprentice

“Alice joined us in October 2016 as an apprentice when a number of her team were due to go on maternity leave. She needed to learn quickly, which was daunting at first. Alice is a positive, happy individual with an exuberance for her role and is now a permanent employee, known for her sense of humour and hard work.”

Jeanette, Operations Director – Education

“After leaving school, I was unsure about what I wanted to do next. I knew university wasn’t for me, but I wasn’t certain of what career path to take. I sought advice from Essex County Council who helped me find my apprenticeship at Athona, which I believe was the best path for me.

I left school with not a lot of confidence, but quickly blossomed at Athona. I receive support from colleagues and have gained experience that helps me both in and out of work. Now my apprenticeship is complete, I am excited to progress in my career at Athona.”

Alice, Compliance Officer – Education

“Apprentices bring fresh ideas and energy to our team, and have been a key part in allowing our Nursing division to grow in the past year. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is thinking of investing in their team with apprentices to do so!”

Paul, Operations Director – Nursing

“My apprenticeship at Athona has enabled me to develop my ability to handle workloads, and also in terms of my confidence and communication skills. My role involves speaking to people which enables me to create relationships with candidates – something that’s integral in the recruitment industry.

Athona has taught me to be organised, strive to meet targets and try my best. My apprenticeship at Athona has laid the foundations for my future and I look forward to seeing what else I will learn.”

Rosie, Nursing Apprentice

“My experience with apprentices has been excellent so far. Having worked with Lacie for several months, I’ve seen her show great commitment, desire and willingness to learn.

Lacie started as a Sales Support, but over time has become more involved in our Women & Children’s desk, successfully booking doctors into shifts and supporting colleague’s desks. I’m confident Lacie will continue to grow in confidence and I’m positive she will become a Recruitment Consultant in time.”

Alex, Business Manager – Medical

“An apprenticeship with Athona has worked really well for me and has taught me time management skills. Everyone here is so friendly and although my team care about their job and work hard, they also like to have a laugh, which makes it an amazing place to work.”

Lacie, Medical Apprentice

“Having apprentices on the team has worked really well for us because it’s given the team additional support. The apprentices are treated as an equal member of the team, which I think helps them grow in confidence as the apprenticeship goes on.

It’s great to see them learn what it’s like to work in an office and deal with different personalities – life skills which they can always use.”

Luke – Business Development Manager

“My apprenticeship at Athona has boosted my organisation and time management skills. I am not only more confident working in a team, but also individually. Throughout my apprenticeship I’ve learnt what it’s like to work in an office environment, which I wouldn’t have got otherwise.”

Chelsea, Client Team Apprentice

“The apprenticeship scheme Athona runs has worked very well for the Consultants desk. Sean has been a huge help with the portal systems and administration we need to complete on a daily basis and I feel this has been a very good environment for him to come into and learn how the industry works. Sean has always been willing to learn and is a huge asset to the desk. The apprentice scheme has given him the foundations to push on to become a knowledgeable and talented recruitment consultant in the future.”

Dave, Team Leader – Radiology

“My apprenticeship with Athona has been interesting. At the beginning the workload I had looked tough, but I am managing this much better now and it’s got a lot easier. I really enjoy working at Athona and hope to progress here once my apprenticeship is completed.”

Sean, Medical Apprentice

“Jess started as an apprentice with us a year and a half ago, after deciding to take the opportunity to “earn and learn”. Jess has always impressed us with her outgoing personality and willingness to involve herself in all aspects of the business. Her previous experience as a sports coach seems to have helped, as she was quick to get on the phones with excellent, clear communication skills.

Last year Jess progressed to become a Recruitment Consultant for our SEND team and has recently been given control of her own business area, with a solid career path ahead of her.”

Terry, Sales Director – Education

“Athona has provided me with a supportive and friendly workplace to kick-start my career. The experience I gained during my apprenticeship has helped me in and outside of the workplace and provided me with a great career path now my apprenticeship has finished. I have now progressed to a Recruitment Consultant thanks to the support of Athona.”

Jess, Recruitment Consultant – Education

We’re proud to give our apprentices the chance to lay the foundations for their future, if you’re looking to join a fast-paced, growing company get in touch today.

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