Are you thinking of relocating for work? Here at Athona, we have a number of different positions available in Scotland for you to consider. With limitless places to visit, such as the beautiful capital Edinburgh, it’s no surprise that thousands of Brits relocate to Scotland each year for work! Scotland is also very accessible to travel to from England by either a short flight or a scenic drive, along with many other benefits to living there.

If you are looking for a change, then relocating to Scotland could be the right move for you. With wonderfully welcoming people, beautiful landscapes and plenty to do there, relocating to Scotland could be a perfect chance for you to progress your career further.

Here are some of the benefits to living in Scotland, as well as places to go sight-seeing on your days off:

Cost of living

One perk of moving to Scotland, is that it is generally less expensive than many other areas in the UK. Weekly household costs can be up to 20% lower than London and 10% cheaper than the UK as a whole. Additionally, Scotland’s average earnings are the third highest of all the 12 countries and regions, making Scotland a very enticing place to live.

Scottish Highlands

Scotland has many attractions to visit and places to see, such as the Scottish Highlands. The Highlands covers nearly 10,000 square miles in Northern Scotland, home to breath-taking scenery including the famous Loch Ness. Make sure you keep an eye on the water for the possibility of seeing the legend known as Nessie.

Love the outdoors? The Scottish Highlands has 29 different hiking trails to explore the mountains further and take a trip into the countryside. Ranging from the Borders to the Highlands, the trails are never ending and incredibly beautiful.

Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park is home to one-third of UK land, making the park 1,748 square miles, whilst also being home to a quarter of the rare and endangered species in the UK. With around 1.6 million people visiting each year, this is a very popular destination for many tourists. As well as this, there are five famous freshwater lochs to see on your trip; Etchachan, Uiana, Coire and Lochain, Avon and Einich.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a historic castle standing on Castle Rock which has been occupied by people since the Iron Age. Discover many different things within the castle such as; the Royal Palace, Honours of Scotland and the Scottish National War Memorial. You can also visit the roof-top terrace bar, with stunning views and Tea Rooms to grab a quick bite.


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