Are you familiar with #hellomynameis? It’s a huge social change campaign set up by Dr Kate Granger MBE during her time in hospital following her terminal cancer diagnosis.

The staff that cared for her were very busy and sometimes forgot to introduce themselves before treating her. From there, the campaign was born. Dr Kate Granger and her husband Chris decided to do something to remind healthcare staff to always deliver compassionate care to their patients, even from simple gestures.

The initiative is based around communication, caring and bringing the patient to the centre of their care journey. Whether it’s including the patient in decisions, taking extra time to explain things or simply introducing yourself, these are all areas that contribute to improving each patient’s experience whilst they’re in hospital.

Sadly, Kate lost her battle with cancer in 2016, but her legacy to improve patient care lives on through #hellomynameis. Find out more at

We’re now including the #hellomynameis logo on our ID cards to remind all of our healthcare staff of the importance of compassionate care and how their actions are affecting futures.