The NHS began their new uniform project in 2019 and it will be made available to NHS trusts from early 2024. This project is aimed at transforming the approach to uniform provisions across the NHS trust in England and was lead by NHS supply chain.

The new uniform will be worn by professionals working within clinical roles, equating to approximately 600,000 wearing including Allied Healthcare Professions, Healthcare Sciences, Midwifery, Nursing and Pharmacy.

The five key objectives of the NHS National Healthcare Uniform are:

Better recognition This initiative is aiming to create an enhanced professional identity and to bring clarity to patients, services, and visitors. If trusts adopt the new uniform, it will help facilitate better recognition and understanding.

Enhanced professional image The new uniform was designed with input from trusts, NHS England  and professional bodies. The design of the uniform is focused on being modern, but also functional with the ability to meet the durability requirements.

Inclusion across a diverse workforce – Having been designed to have a universal appeal and cultural sensitivity, the uniform aims to ensure everyone feels recognised and valued. There will be a non-gender specific sizing guide, a full maternity range and matching cultural wear.

Value for money – This project resulted in an average cost saving of 30% which is an average of £10 million over a two-year period . The introduction of this uniform also means that staff transferring across trusts will not require a new uniform.

Sustainability – The uniform fabric is constructed using cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and will use 100% recycled polyester content for carbon reduction.

The new colourways

The colourways have been chosen to provide a coherent and recognisable image across the whole of the NHS. Below is the full breakdown of the colours of each profession.

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