At Athona, we understand that due to the short-term nature of locum placements, it may feel more challenging to progress within your career. However, this is not necessarily the case, as this type of working can drastically help assist you with your career development and enhance your industry knowledge. By working as a locum in a variety of placements, it gives you the opportunity to expand your skills set and try working in different hospitals and wards until you find your niche specialty. Below, we’ve listed just some of the reasons as to why career progression is beneficial and achievable for locum healthcare professionals.


Locuming allows you to build valuable connections within hospitals and with other colleagues, which will ultimately help you meet others with a similar interest in the same sector as you. As well as this, your new-found connections can help refer you to upcoming positions; in some cases such as working though Athona, you can even have the chance to refer and earn fellow colleagues to receive a cash bonus! These new connections can also transpire into new and exciting roles that can lead to higher, and better paid positions.

Exploring new specialties

Before honing in on one specialty, locum work gives you the opportunity to explore a range of specialties to see which you excel at the most. By taking the time to perfect your skills and decide which specialty you perform best in, allows you to pursue your career in your chosen specialty, in turn, leading you to progress through the ranks. Perfecting your craft through locum work not only provides a great work-life balance, but incredible learning opportunities for you to gain new abilities to take with you as you progress in your job.

Increased confidence levels

When progressing in your career, it’s important you are a confident individual in your role. By locuming in different placements in unfamiliar settings, your confidence will gradually increase the more locum positions you embark upon. This can be crucial for healthcare professionals as your career development is heavily dependent on working well in a challenging environment.

Career progression can look different for everyone, from nurses, to doctors, to allied health professionals, everyone has their own goals and ambitions. Collectively, the end goal for most is to progress within their chosen specialty and gain a wide range of knowledge through different placements. Although locum work isn’t for some, at Athona, we ensure all our candidates get access to the latest roles along with CPD accredited training and revalidation and compliance support so we can support you every step of the way.

If you’re looking to get into locuming and want access to some amazing benefits, register your CV with Athona today.