We’re proud to announce we have received fantastic results in the latest Medical Revalidation Annual Organisational Audit (AOA) Comparator Report from NHS England. Our results are consistently ahead of our competitors, and this year is no different with our performance exceeding our own previous results.

Between 1st March 2018 and 31st March 2019, 98.6% of Athona’s doctors have completed their appraisal, in comparison to the same sector appraisal rate average of 86.2%. This year, our missed appraisal rate stands at just 0.9%, compared with our competitors who received 10.9%, reflecting the support and guidance our revalidation support team provide to our candidates.

Within this time frame, there has also been an 8% increase in the number of doctors choosing Athona as their designated body. Since revalidation was introduced in 2012, our support team has worked tirelessly to build a support network for doctors. This includes providing opportunities within locum roles to complete quality improvement activities and helping our candidates to achieve everything they need to successfully complete their appraisal and revalidation.

Our appraisers also have many years’ of experience with locum doctors, helping create detailed personal development plans and ensuring that you reach your objectives and maintain your GMC license.

If you’re concerned about an upcoming appraisal or revalidation or want to change your designated body, speak to our team to find out more about why so many trust Athona with their GMC license.