The North West of England is a stunning region comprising of 5 counties: Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. Our nursing team are currently recruiting healthcare assistants and mental health nurses to work in this scenic region with regular and high-speed transportation links to other cities and counties.

Find out more information about some of these counties and even a fun fact about each of them below!


Lancashire is a county full of rich history and tranquil landscapes. With a population of around 1,246,000, there are many points of interest to visit and plenty of job opportunities available across the county.

Preston’s small, lively city being named the best city in the North West to live and work, it was also ranked the highest for having a successful work-life balance and improving employment rates and house prices to make this area more attractive.

  • There is a mix of both rural and urban lifestyles, making Lancashire a culturally and richly diverse county. Lancashire holds a range of regular festivals and workshops to celebrate the diverse culture, whilst giving the community an opportunity to come together. Some of these festivals include Lancashire Day (27th November) Eid in the Park, Clitheroe Food Festival, We Are Blackburn Together! and Building Bridges in Burnley.
  • Lancashire has a range of stately homes, castles, ruins and towers, museums and art galleries; all make the perfect day out with your friends or family on your days off from work. With impressive views and stunning national parks, you’ll always find something to do and new places to explore.
  • Fun fact! The first motorway was built in the city of Preston.

South Cumbria

South Cumbria borders Lancashire and North Yorkshire and is filled with a number of popular towns, historic houses, a beautiful coastline and bubbly towns in the area. Whether you’re a music lover or an adventurous person, you’ll have a fantastic work-life balance in this county. 

  • Located in Cumbria, the Lake District is a mountainous region and national park that is loved and visited by millions every year. From hiking, paddleboarding, boating, swimming or visiting historical sites, the Lake District has a stunning landscape to come and visit for a long weekend.
  • There are many idyllic location to live and work in when you are in South Cumbria. The average cost of a house is significantly lower than the national average of £252,900. From cottages to new builds, you’re only ever a 30 minute drive from a family-friendly fell walk.
  • Fun fact! There’s only one lake despite being home to the lake district, there’s only one official lake: Lake Bassenthwaite.


Liverpool is a maritime city located in the North West of England, which is famously the hometown of The Beatles! Due to this, the Guinness World Records recognised this city as the World Capital City of Pop in 2016. As of 2019, Liverpool was declared to be the fourth best city in the UK to work, rent and live due to its lower cost of living, house prices, rental figures and mix of job opportunities.

  • As Merseyside is governed by one of its 5 boroughs, Liverpool, it’s notable to mention their immense musical heritage. Being home to one of the biggest bands in the world, The Beatles, Liverpool sees many world-class acts in many incredible venues every year.
  • Liverpool has also been voted as one of the best cities in the UK for its work-life balance due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly community.
  • Fun fact! Liverpool was the first English City to be awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2003.

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