New data shows that nine out of 10 midwives and nurses due to revalidate have completed the process.

The first report from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) shows that over 35,000 nurses and midwives have revalidated.

Revalidation was introduced by the NMC in April this year and was the biggest change to the regulation of nurses and midwives in the NMC’s history.

The NMC have said that these results are in line with their expectations and that there is no evidence of revalidation having an adverse effect on the register.

NMC chief executive and registrar Jackie Smith said: “This demonstrates that nurses and midwives across the four countries are embracing revalidation. Feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive.”

The new process means that the UK’s 692,000 nurses and midwives now have to demonstrate every three years that they are fit to practice.

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