There is currently a shortage of nursing staff in the UK, although there has been a slight increase in new nurses over the last couple of years, it is still not enough. Mental health nursing is on demand with 20% of vacant nursing positions within the NHS are in mental health. One in four people are estimated to suffer from some sort of mental health problem every year in England. In March 2021, nearly 300,000 mental health referrals were made, a rise of 19% from the previous year. Did you know at Athona we have a number of locum mental health nurse positions available across the UK.

Role of a mental health nurse

The role of a mental health nurse is to assist and support patients’ recovery and allowing them to have more involvement and control over their condition. Mental health nurses tend to support people with their mental health problems. This can range from anxiety, depression, personality and eating disorders or drug and alcohol addiction. This area of nursing helps people in a number of ways and there are benefits such as, job security and opportunities for career progression.

Job Security

With a large number of people requiring mental health support due to the pandemic. There is a high demand for mental health nurses in both NHS and private sectors. Jobs with more competitive packages are currently being offered to attract qualified individuals.

Career Progression

There are a number of career prospects for a mental health nurse. Ranging from being a specialist nurse that works with specific people like children/young people to working within a particular area such as treating patients that are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. You can gain different experiences and increase your career opportunities.

Helping Others

One of the challenging aspects of being a mental health nurse is treating patients that have been through trauma and mental pressure. You require a high level of compassion and empathy as an individual. Although it is challenging, mental health nurses are trained to deal with all kinds of patients behaviour.

If you’re an agency mental health nurse looking to work through Athona, then take a look at our current live jobs.