As we approach ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and the festive season where many get the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, healthcare workers are often exempt from a relaxing break during the winter months and endure additional work pressures. This holiday season is looking busy for healthcare workers with the sudden outbreak of the Omicron variant. So staying happy, healthy and safe should be a priority for key workers.

Having a positive attitude

You might be feeling down or stressed having to work throughout the festive season, especially on Christmas Day, but having a positive attitude can get you through your shift – and knowing at the end of your shift you get to go home and spend time with family! Whilst you’re at work, also think about the important difference you’re making to patients’ lives. Bringing some positivity into your workplace during these times isn’t just for yourself but others around you too.

Be safe

Unfortunately, we are living through another year where coronavirus is prevalent in our everyday life. Therefore being safe is key not only for you, but for the safety of your family too. If you are going home to your family after a shift, don’t forgot to follow the government guidelines on how to stay safe and regularly washing your hands.


Something as simple as putting up a Christmas tree and some tinsel on your hospital floor can brighten everyone’s mood. It gets everyone in the spirit and is something fun you can do as a team. Knowing you’ll be working in a Christmassy environment might motivate you even more during the festive season.


Whilst you will be working long and hard shifts, don’t forget to make time to socialise – either in person or on Zoom with friends, family and colleagues.

Mindfully enjoying snacks

It’s the holidays and a time when treats (sweet or savoury) are everywhere! Breakout rooms will probably be filled with gifts from patients and these snacks are a great way to keep your energy levels up when working a long shift. Just remember to be mindful of a sugar crash in the middle of your shift!

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