As the UK continues to experience a heatwave and hot weather over the next few weeks and with record breaking temperatures expected this upcoming weekend, it’s important to ensure you’re taking appropriate measures to take care of yourself during this time. Below we’ve collated some quick top tips and examples on how to take care of yourself, colleagues and patients throughout the summer. Keep reading to find out more.

Have a break

It is vitally important to take short breaks throughout your shift especially during a heatwave. When you do take a break, make sure you’re using a ventilated and cool space, or try to go outside and get some fresh air. Not got much time? Even sitting by an open window for a short amount of time can help!

By taking the time to stop and have a break in a different environment, it will help you feel more refreshed, cooler and be more productive with the rest of your day.

Make sure to keep hydrated

Ensure there are plenty of fluids easily accessible for yourself, colleagues and patients as studies have shown you’re more likely to drink water if it’s on display and visible to you. A good suggestion to track how much water you have drunk throughout the day is using a reusable water bottle (even better if it has an hourly tracker!) to carry with you throughout your shift. Don’t forget to keep refilling regularly.

Cool off

Did you know running your wrists under freezing cold water can help you cool down? Whilst washing your hands, if you do this for just 30 seconds, this will help lower your blood temperature and cool down your entire body. This is a great tip for working in healthcare as you’ll already be practicing good hand hygiene, so next time you’ve finished using warm water and soap, don’t forget to finish with a few seconds of cold water on your wrists!

Stay out of the sun as much as possible

The hottest part of the day falls around 11-3, which tends to be when most people take a lunch break. Therefore, to keep cool and reduce your chances of sunstroke, try to avoid being outside in the sun for these peak times. Still want to grab some fresh air? Make sure to find some shaded space, use at least SPF 30 sun cream and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Did you know caffeinated drinks can actually cause you to be dehydrated? This is due to caffeine increasing water loss. Instead stick to water, fruit juices or sport drinks with electrolytes to increase your energy.

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